drawntolightDSC_0974live2photo.co.za is a commercial photography business based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We understand the ongoing importance of having a powerful aesthetic to represent your personal or business identity in the global marketplace.  You and your service, product, business or brand must have a visual counterpart.

The most powerful and effective way to make an impression without having to say anything is simply exposing someone to a powerful picture, website or design that represents you. This is particularly true in today’s world where almost everything we do is represented online.

A point often overlooked is that a picture will be someone’s first contact with you and your business, be it from Facebook, Twitter, Google or Linkedin:  A visually strong photograph or design will often be the difference standing between you and the prospective job or client.

Our approach to photography is passionate, dynamic and creative. We love taking pictures and feel that a great image is often defined by an underlying truth of the form being photographed, perceivable to the viewer subconsciously or consciously through gathered context.